I'm think about Language In Use as a useful tool for learning languages, and improve the user language skills with a set of games and tools having fun.

If you read the idea behind the project, the apps are an important part along side with the website. Using the latest cutting edge technologies, the apps will be available for all platforms with the same user experience and functionalities.

First, the app will be available for Android and everyone can download it and send feedback and improvements. The website will be the main source of information and the app will be a tool to practice and learn in connection with the website. The choice of Android is because it is the most used platform in the world and it is the easiest to develop and update in case of issues.

Immediately after the Android version, the Windows version will be available. The Windows version will be available for desktops, tablets and Xbox.

At the end, the iOS version will be available for iPhone and iPad. Plus, my idea is to release a version for Apple TV, Android TV and Tizen TV.

The apps will be free to download and use with non-annoying advertisements at the end of the games. There will be some premium content that can be unlocked with a subscription.


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